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About the GCBS Archives

The past GCBS results, statistics, and other information on this Archives web site are provided as a volunteer effort to support the Bay Swim event and its charitable cause -- the March of Dimes.  Not one dollar of the funds raised by the GCBS goes to supporting this web site. The files were created from the same official results that were provided to all the participants of the GCBS after each event. Recently, additional information from the internet has been useful in filling in some blanks and resolving discrepancies. The data for each year are entered in an Excel spreadsheet and correlated with information from previous Bay Swims.

This information was part of personal files used to analyze the characteristics of the Bay Swim events until 1996, when the data were sent to Chuck Nabit, Director of the GCBS, and Brian Earley, founder of the GCBS.  Since then, the information relating to the number of GCBS finishes per swimmer has been used by Chuck Nabit for determining who receives a GCBS "longevity" award after they complete 10 GCBSs (completions need not be consecutive!). Other than providing such information, the Bay Swim Archives web site is not part of the Bay Swim organization or Lin-Mark Computer Sports, Inc.

The master Excel file that contains the Bay Swim results for all years is updated and "finalized" once annually some time after each Bay Swim event. Therefore, any corrections to past results are collected and made only once a year ( to submit corrections).  All derivative files are created from the master Excel spreadsheet after it has been finalized with the new data.

Since this is a volunteer, spare-time hobby, expect response times to emails and web site updates to be very slow, especially June through January.  If you use and enjoy this site, please think of donating more to the March of Dimes GCBS fund-raising events as a show of your appreciation.

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